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  Metallic & semi-metallic gaskets
Metagraf & Metex Gaskets
Metagraf has a corrugated metal core, normally stainless steel, with Supagraf® expanded graphite facings. Available as Metagraf PL with a wide chemical compatibility for standard pipeline duties, and Metagraf HX for sealing heat exchangers. Metex is a robust gasket comprising a flat metal core (eg, 3mm thick stainless or carbon steel) with Supagraf® expanded graphite facings. It is typically used for large diameter gaskets, as well as heat exchanger duties where seating space is limited.
Oxidising atmosphere –200°C to +400°C
Steam +650°C maximum
Metagraf PL: To suit ASME Class 150 and 300 flanges, as well as DIN flanges. Metagraf HX and Metex: custom made to order.