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James Walker® Gaskets & Jointings > Supagraf® expanded graphite

  Supagraf® expanded graphite
General Description
This information applies to all Supagraf® materials
James Walker’s Supagraf® comprises chemically expanded flake graphite that is calendered into sheets of controlled thickness. It is made without fillers or elastomeric content.
• Excellent chemical resistance.
• Exceptionally wide temperature range: from cryogenic up to 400°C in oxidising environments and, under certain circumstances, to 2500°C in inert conditions.
• Excellent resistance to stress relaxation, even at elevated temperatures.
• High levels of joint stability.
• Outstanding sealing integrity over extended periods.
• Accommodates flange distortions where traditional sheet jointings fail to seal.
• Fire safe.
• Exceptionally low leachable chloride content to resist corrosion.
• Totally compatible with steam, air and water.
• Recommended for use with heat transfer fluids and demineralised water.
Precision gasket production using state-of-the-art water-jet cutting equipment.