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  James Walker® Gaskets & Jointings
Our commitment to the highly specialised field of fluid seal technology was forged in the 1880s when Scottish engineer Mr James Walker introduced new seals that proved vital to the success of the latest high-pressure marine steam
Since those early days we have constantly developed and supplied gaskets, seals and packings to match the evergrowing complexity and low maintenance demands of modern plant and future requirements
Fluid seal technology today is a blend of materials science, fluid mechanics and practical engineering. Our work at the frontiers of these disciplines gives us the clearest understanding of flange sealing techniques and the role that
gaskets must play, for example:
  • If joint faces are absolutely flat and aligned true
  • If a flange does not distort under load
  • If loaded bolts do not stretch or relax . . .
. . . There is no need for a gasket, because the joint will be perfect. In the real world, such perfection is very expensive to achieve and almost impossible to maintain. Therefore a gasket is the most practical and cost effective way to seal a bolted flange connection. The problem for end users is to select the correct gaskets to ensure the integrity and safe operation of their fluid handling equipment.
In the following pages we give details of the vast range of James Walker’s jointings and gaskets – including brands such as Nebar® cork-elastomer products, Metaflex® Spiral Wound Gaskets and Moorside® Ring Joints.
Our teams of local representatives, experienced applications engineers and materials scientists will help you select gaskets to match your exact operational specifications.
If off-the-shelf gaskets won’t solve your flange sealing problem, they can custom-design products that will. Our high-tech customer service centres are set up to provide the fastest and most reliable service to customers worldwide,
and our automated distribution centre holds over ten million sealing products for immediate despatch.
Where necessary, we will maintain consignment stocks at your sites for instant call-off, or hold customer-specific products in local warehouses. With this top-level service, backed by world class manufacturing facilities and quality assurance regimes, you can be certain our gaskets and jointings will fit the bill.