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  Trademarks acknowledgement
James Walker acknowledges the following trademarks as mentioned in this website:
 Dowtherm®    Dow Chemical Company Ltd  
 Freon®    EI DuPont de Nemours & Company  
 Gore-Tex®    WL Gore & Associates (UK) Ltd  
 Gore-Tex® GR    WL Gore & Associates (UK) Ltd  
 Kalrez®    DuPont Performance Elastomers  
 KLEA®    ICI C&P Ltd  
 Mylar®    EI DuPont de Nemours & Company  
 TriGuardTM    WL Gore & Associates (UK) Ltd  
 Viton®    DuPont Performance Elastomers  
HEALTH WARNING: If PTFE (e.g. Fluolion) products are heated to elevated temperatures, fumes will be
produced which may give unpleasant effects, if inhaled. Whilst some fumes are emitted below 300°C, the effect at
these temperatures is negligible. Care should be taken to avoid contaminating tobacco with PTFE particles or
dispersion which may remain on hands or clothing. Health & Safety data sheets are available on request.
Information in this publication and otherwise supplied to users is based on our general experience and is given in
good faith, but because of factors which are outside our knowledge and control and affect the use of products, no
warranty is given or implied with respect to such information. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Statements of operating limits quoted in this publication are not an indication that these values can be
simultaneously applied.