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  The safe way to the right gasket
Shelf life of KLINGER gaskets material
Shelf Life of KLINGERsil gasket material
KLINGERsil gasket material are as all elastomeres and elastomere containing material, subject to a natural ageing process. This process is dependent on the kind of elastomer, its vulcanisation system and the storage conditions.
For all KLINGERsil-sheets and -gaskets the share of the elastomere as binder is between 10 to 30% according to DIN 28091-2. The relatively small share of parts which are subject to the ageing process shows, that this influence on to the whole product is smaller as on a product of pure elastomer.
Nevertheless unfavourable storage conditions can lead to a premature reduction of the materials quality.
Above all we must also mention elevated temperature, too low humidity as well as strong illumination.
As an ideal storage condition we propose:
• Temperature < 25°C
• relative humidity 50 - 60%
• darkened storage room
Under these conditions a period of storage of approx. 5 years is possible. It is difficult to define the fluctuating properties of the storage time due to changes of one or more of the above influence factors.
The main factor undoubtedly is the storage temperature. As temperatures higher than 30°C appear over a long period, a reduction of the material properties can occur readily after 2 years.
As in this conjunction detailed specifications are not possible, we propose the conditioning of the storage rooms as mentioned above. Ready made gaskets should be stored flat, particularly for bigger gasket sizes. Tensions and distortions can occur that can complicate the installation.
Shelf Life of KLINGER graphite laminates
Usually storage temperature, illumination etc. have no influence on the storability period of KLINGER Graphite Laminates.
Nevertheless following conditions should be applied to ensure appropriate storage:
• – 20 °C to + 50 °C storage temperature
• clean and dry air (no dirt particles and no aggresive gases or vapours)
• sheets and ready made gaskets must be protected against damage
• sheets and ready made gaskets must be stored flat
Under these conditions, a storage life of over 10 years can be expected.
Certified according to ISO 9002 & QS 9000.