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KLINGERflon Threadseal Tape
Product description
KLINGERflon Threadseal Tape serves to seal screw joint unions of all kinds and is manufactured of unsintered and
degreased PTFE KLINGERflon.

Delivery form:
Supplied on handy plastic reels in 12 m lengths with a
width of 12 mm (approx).

Gauge of tape:
0.10 mm = Type S
with DVGW-approval

Gauge of tape:
0.08 mm = Type N
without DVGW-approval

Temperature resistance
From –196°C to +250°C

Order example:
100 reels of KLINGERflon
Threadseal Tape.

KLINGERflon Sealant Tape has been proven to provide durable service for the reliable, clean and timesaving
sealing of fittings and appliances against the leakage of fluids, vapours and gases for many years.
The slackening of all treated screwed joints is easily possible after many years of service. The tape will not swell nor
become sticky. It is resistant chemically to all chemical agents (but not against fluorine and melted
alkaline metals).
Application is simple and easy. The tape is wrapped around a screw or bolt thread with slight tension and
little overlapping. The counterpart is then applied and tightened as usual. One or more layers may de required
dependent on the thread pitch.
Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.