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KLINGERflon Spray
Separating-, anti-seizing- and lubricating agent
Product description
KLINGERflon Spray is a separating-, anti-seizing- and lubricating agent on
a TFE base (tetra-fluor-ethulentelimer) – it is dispergent in CHC- and HCFCexempt solvents – and thinned with a special benzene dilutant.
The handy KLINGERflon aerosol ensures a clean and rapid application
of the agent.
Following application and evaporation of the solvent, there
remains a thin white TFE coating bound by a bonding agent, with the
typical characteristics of fluorine plastics – such as:
• a separating and anti-adhesive effect
• temperature resistant up to + 265°C
• practically chemically inert, resistant to acids, alkalis and solvents
• physiologically compatible
• self-lubricating effect at low-rate friction coefficients
Form of supply
TFE emulsion is supplied in thinned form ready for use as:
KLINGERflon aerosols of 379 gm content, in cartons of 12
Order example:
120 aerosols of KF Spray of 379 gm content
KF spray is a well proven CHC- and HCFC- and silicon-exempt
separating agent for plastics, elastomers (rubber) and adhesives.
The layer of TFE prevents parts baking the mould and assists in enhancing the de-moulding rate in
extrusion-, laminating- and compression cycles by means of rapid and easy de-moulding routines.
Subsequent processing problems and working faults, such as orange-peel
effects or the formation of bubbles, will be reduced. Coatings with KLINGERflon Spray
are completely free of grease, leave behind no soiling and are nontransference
contaminating, i.e. no problems will be experienced during subsequent printing operations,
metalizing routines, adhesive- or varnish work with the moulded
sections. The coatings can be applied to, and are compatible with practically
all plastic materials currently available on the market today.
The KF Spray is a valuable accessory in all branches of industry,
in workshops and in domestic areas, where grease-free, dry and noncontaminating lubrication is required.
In order to obtain the best adhesive properties of the TFE coating,
the surface of the work piece to be coated should be completely dry and
free of any contamination and repellent substances (e.g. grease, oil and the link ).
The coating should be applied only in thin layerings. Larger gauged coatings need to be applied and built
up in several separate layers with intermittent service live to permit the curing of the individual coatings.
The KF Spray contains CHC- and HCFC-reduced solvents, e.g. a special form of benzene. Care should
however be taken to ensure, that statutory ordinances and regulations for the handling of flammable
solvents be followed.
The coating, when applied not be exposed to naked flames or glowing embers in the vicinity in order to
prevent ignition and the generating of any decomposition products.
Good ventilated conditions are to be ensured on site. All safety regulations concerning the handling of aerosols
as well as the notices imprinted on the spray can are to be taken into consideration.
Certified according to
DIN EN ISO 9001.