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PTFE Products

Quick & easy to assemble –
Sealing on a roll

Be prepared for every eventuality
with KLINGERsealex – "safe sealing
on a roll". Under service conditions of
–196°C up to +260°C
and pressure of up to 150 bar
KLINGERsealex offers secure
sealing on a roll.
What’s so unique about KLINGERsealex?
KLINGERsealex is a PTFE product
manufactured from a unique,
physically networked fibrillated
material. It is composed of specially
prepared fluorocarbons with exellent
resistance to aggressive chemicals as
well as offering secure sealing under
high pressures - even permitting the
use of the material in applications up
to 150 bar internal pressure ratings.
KLINGERsealex can be applied to any sealing face, giving excellent sealing performance even at low bolt loads.
The benefits to repair and maintenance routines You are prepared for every eventuality
with KLINGERsealex – the seal an a roll. Maintenance Engineers have already benefited from the versatility
of KLINGERsealex, since it can be used practically anywhere.
When replacing defective seals, first clean the flange as thoroughly as
possible. Since one of the strengths of the product is its ability to
compensate for non-ideal flange conditions, a small amount of
residue material on the flange face is permissible.
Next apply the strips of sealant straight from the roll onto the flange
surface as shown on the attached photographs. Apply the tape either
overlapping at the ends or cut acutely and abutted.
That`s all there is to it!
Replacement of conventional gasket materials
KLINGERsealex offers particular advantages in applications that prove difficult for conventional materials:
• When the sealing surface or the stability of the flange prevents the successful use of a conventional seal.
• When the geometry of the flange seating demands an intricate gasket shape, which is both difficult to assemble and uneconomical to manufacture.
• When the flange material will only permit the use of low bolt loads to seat the gasket while the media in the system and the associated interior pressure demands a high integrity seal.
These are just some of the areas in which you can use KLINGERsealex.
You may have other ideas for its use, either as a replacement for conventional gasketing or as a hidden reserve for unforeseen circumstances.

Nothing is left to chance with KLINGERsealex.