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Ring Cutting Saw Equipment - page 1
Making the equipment

First adjust the centring bolt (1)
to the size of the required circular
slitter. For this purpose, employ the
incorporated tape line, by attaching
it to the centring bolt. The set radius
can be read off the slitter position.
Insert the slitter substrate on
the centring bolt and set the slitting
depth on the small hand wheel (2)
so that the slitter just cuts into the
substrate but does not touch the
counter roller in the rail. This setting
should then to be secured with the
counter nut.
Thereafter, turn the slitter height
back to the initial position.
Slitting routines
You may now commence the circular
slitting operations. A centring boring
has already been tapped into the
small plate with the punch supplied.
By turning the large hand wheel
(3), the circular slitter (4) can then
be moved together with the small
plate. The depth the slitter can be
engaged, stage by stage, by the
small hand wheel per turn of the
workpiece, depends on the gauge
and the hardness of the plate
presented. The ideal gauge is
between 0.5 and 2.0 mm.
With experience the operator will
increasingly obtain a feeling for the
correct engagement.
A few tips from practice
When slitting circular features in
excess of 750 mm exterior diameter,
the edges of the plate cut should be
removed, so that the workpiece can
be turned without hinderance.
In cases of circular features over
3 mm gauge, we advise you to turn
the workpiece after slitting through
half of the thickness and recommence
and complete the work from the
opposite side.