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Ring Cutting Saw Equipment - page 2
Cut Rings – manufactured in house –
in one quick cut, with or without a motorised drive
Replacement slitters and

The circular slitter is disposable.
You can grind it back into condition
or merely dispose and replace it.
The slitter supplied is found on the
small hand wheel and is attached by
a central screw. The slitter drive
shaft should preferably be greased
at regular intervals. There are two
nipples available for greasing
Simple and rapid installation of the electric drive facility
The following service routines apply both to initial installation of the circular slitter with the electric drive
facility or when re-equipping the motor.
First, remove the crank on the large hand wheel. This enables the subsequent installation procedure for
the connection of the motor drive facility.
Thereafter, the toothed pinion supplied should be fixed to the free shaft end of the large hand wheel*.
The stud screw should be screwed into the boring on the shaft.
The electric drive motor is then to be attached by means of sliding the internally toothed plastic coupling
onto the toothed pinion, so that the holder arm grips around the shaft drive of the circular slitter saw from below.
After closing and securing the clamp, a firm fixture is obtained between the equipment and the electric
drive motor and the installation is complete. The lower illustration shows the operational status of the equipment.
When conducting motorised slitting operations, care should be taken to ensure that the equipment is offered
up to the work slowly, otherwise the electric drive motor can stall.
Ensure that the transparent protective cap covers the circular slitter under motorised work
conditions. Otherwise their is a hazard of bodily injury, e.g. when slipping off the small hand wheel.
* The circular slitter shaft in older models of the equipment will have to be replaced.
Our ”tiny one” for rapid servicing work on customer workshops
The ”tiny one” is ideal for mobile
workshops. It is easy to transport,
quick to install and simple to handle
and comes equipped with slitting
work face, centering bolt, slitter and
slitter callipers. The equipment can
be employed to process all work
from 300 mm outside diameters to
25 mm inner diameters.