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Ring Cutting Saw Equipment - page 3
Technical specifications at a glance
The slitting substrate supplied is of
3 mm gauge and has a diameter of
400 mm. Diameters available are
400 mm, 700 mm and 1270 mm.
Circular slitters
of specially hardened steel
Dimensions and weights
Equipment without drive with drive
Length max. 1,100 mm 1,200 mm
Height max. 250 mm 250 mm
Width max. 170 mm 170 mm
Weight 6.5 kg 9.3 kg
Drive facility
Voltage 220/240V 50 cycles
Power rating 50 W, 0.23 A
Drive shaft revolutions 53 rpm
MCB protection IP 54
Overloading MCB, automatic thermal triggering
Slitting speed, dependent on workpiece and gauge 5.5 – 6.5 m/min
Working application
Min. circular feature diameter, dependent on gauge approx. 80 mm
Max. circular feature diameter 1,250 mm
Circular feature width, dependent on type of workpiece up to 1 mm
Circular feature width max. 160 mm
Slitting depth, dependent on type of workpiece up to 9 mm