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KLINGERgraphite - laminate PDM

Better handling
and a much higher capability

1. Higher stability due to
two tanged stainless steel sheet

Due to the improved connection of the
graphite and the two tanged stainless
steel sheets the new KLINGERgraphite-
laminate PDM offers a higher
stability and deformation resistance.
2. Optimal handling
Due to the increase in density we
did away with impregnation.
The new KLINGERgraphitelaminate
PDM has a purity of 98% and
is free of resins, impregnations, or
other organic substances and therefore
free of possibly toxic residual risks.
3. Clearly more safety
Gaskets made of the new
KLINGERgraphite-laminate PDM offer
more safety during fitting and whilst
under operation.
Technical data
Compressibility ASTM F 36 A % 19–23
Final thickness at a surface load of 35 MPa mm 1.18–1.23
Density of the graphite layer g/cm3 1.3
Graphite purity % min. 98
Chloride content ppm max. 40
Tang stainless steel sheets:
Material 1.4401*
Thickness mm 0.075
Number of sheets 2
Tightness according to DIN 3535/6 ml/min. 0.5
Stress relaxation DIN 52913 MPa 48
Max. surface load at 300 °C MPa 200
Permanent operating temperature °C ca. 450
Size of sheets mm 1,000 x1,000
Thickness mm 1.5
Other sizes on request
KLINGERantistick (A/S) on request.
DIN-DVGW approval no. NG-5124AT0417
Due to the higher compression, the KLINGERgraphite-laminate PDM has a thickness of 1.5 mm, even where
2.0 mm-graphite gaskets were previously used.
The final thicknesses are the same in compressed condition.
Anti-stick finish:
The KLINGERgraphite-laminate PDM is available with KLINGERantistick (A/S) a finish which keeps its stability
even at high temperatures and causes no organic contaminations of the pure graphite.
* In case of supply shortfall also 1.4404 may be delivered.