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KLINGERgraphite - Properties
Please note the resistance table in the margin
The given concentrations and
temperatures might be exceeded if
the medium is not, or is only in
restricted contact with the graphite.
This case arises when edged and
spiral wound gaskets are used.
KLINGERgraphite is not
resistant to mixtures of nitric acid
and other stronger acids (e.g. nitrating
acid, aqua regia etc.), chromium
VI and permanganate solutions
as well as melts af alkali or alkaline
earth metals.The given recommendations
serve only as a guide
to the use of KLINGERgraphite.
We cannot give a guarantee
as function and durability depend
on a variety of factors which we as
manufacturers cannot influence.
If there are particular conditions of
admission these have to be
For information on other media
or operating conditions we are at
your disposal.
Properties of flexible
– No flowing under pressure and
temperature loads
– temperature-resistant from -200°C to + 450°C
( in inert atmosphere even higher)
– reliable sealing of gases and liquids
– excellent micro-sealing
– chemically resistant to nearly all medias
– excellent resistance to
temperature fluctuations
– high flat heat conductivity
– no health hazard
– unlimited shelf live
– no combination with glass and ceramics