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  Metal Gaskets
KLINGERmaxiflex spiral-wound gaskets
Overview - page 3
Spiral wound sealing element.
Wound high density. Wide choice of materials for metal strip and filler material.
For use in high-pressure pumps,
high-pressure valves and gas applications.
Low emission tested.
KLINGERgraphite facing 0.5 mm.
For use in manhole gaskets.
Suitable for use with low bolt loads
and uneven gasket surfaces.
Double sealing effect.
Combined inner and outer rings.
The inner ring could have pass bars
or could carry either a metal clad or
soft gasket with pass bars.
Recommended sealing strip roughness
These gaskets are capable of giving an excellent seal over a wide range of flange surface finishes. However, as a general guide we recommend the following:
Ra micrometer
general 3.2 – 5.1
critical 3.2
vacuum 2.0
(Larger flange surface finishes require higher bolt loads)