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  Metal Gaskets
KLINGERmaxiflex spiral-wound gaskets - Mounting Instructions
The principle
The spiral wound function is based on the metal winding/ filler relationship and the flange surfaces.
The surface roughness should be approx. Ra 3.2 μm. These gaskets can be used in flanges with larger
surface roughnesses, but in this case the bolt loads should be increased so as to ensure proper
function of the gasket.
When the gasket is compressed during mounting, the homogeneous filler „flows“ into
the irregularities of the flange. The metal windings enclose the filler and, at the same time, ensure the strength
and elasticity of the gasket. If the gasket is equipped with a PTFE filler it must have an inner ring
since the PTFE permits no further compression, as is the case with other fillers. On the one hand, it prevents
the gasket from springing open and on the other, penetration of the flowing PTFE in the pipeline. The larger
the surface roughnesses in the flange surface, the larger the surface load
required to permit a flow of the PTFE in the irregularities.
The bolts should be free of damage
and lubricated with high-temperature
resistant greases before mounting.
Insert the gasket and fasten bolts finger-tight.
Next, tighten the bolts crosswise
(see sketch) in at least 3 to 4 passes.
The more passes you perform, the
more uniform the force which is introduced
into the flange-gasket system.
In the last pass, the bolts must be
tightened only clockwise.

Flange surface condition:

1. metallically clean
2. plane-parallel
3. dry
4. fat free
Do not use separating agents or sealing aids!