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Klinger® Gaskets > Metal Gaskets > METAL CORE LAMINATE TYPE 108

  Metal Gaskets
KLINGERtype 108 gaskets have become widely
accepted as an excellent seal for high pressure
and temperature applications where a soft,
compliant facing is required to fill surface
imperfections and irregularities.
Maximum operating temperature 450°C *
Thickness increase ASTM F146 after fluid immersion** 2% max.
Seal ability acc. to DIN 3535/6 0.8 ml/min
Chloride content max. 40 ppm
Purity Graphite 98% min.
* In a neutral or reducing atmosphere (ie. no internal/external exposure to oxygen) 1000°C and subject
to design pressure, please consult your KLINGER representative.
** ASTM Oil No. 3, 5h/150°C
•Low sealing stress alternative to Metal Clad Gaskets
• Excellent seal under a low seating stress including flange with rough and pitted surfaces
•Available with Mica soft facing for high temperature service
•Available with FDA-compliant PTFE facing where a non-contaminating sealing solution is required (limited to 260°C)
• Easily installed
Note: Alternative are Maxiprofile Gaskets that have improved sealing and thermocycling capabilities for Heat Exchangers.