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  Metal Gaskets
PSM Eyelet Gasket
Combines the advantages of PSM with a
metallic eyelet at the gasket’s inner
• Unique Anti-stick coating – no unnecessary cleaning of flanges.
• High blowout resistance compared to non-metallic gaskets.
• No possible leakage through gasket body.
• Excellent high temperature vacuum seal.
• Tanged graphite combined with metal eyelet provides a high resistance to graphite extrusion preventing contamination of the
• Broad chemical resistance.
• Low emission seal
• Maximum temperature 450°C when exposed to air /oxygen – higher temperatures possible in oxygen-free or reducing environments.
• Seals poor condition flanges due to graphite sealing while the eyelet material can be suited to the process media.
Gasket Cross-section
• 316Ti and galvanised carbon steel
are standard eyelet grades.
• Tanged insert prevents excessive
graphite relaxation under high
temperatures / pressures.