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  Fluid Instrumentation
Borosilicate gauge glasses - Reflex and transparent gauge glasses
made of borosilicate glass “extra-hard”, long types
Reflex glasses

KLINGER transparent glass (left side) and reflex glass (right) in polarized light

The side facing the medium chamber is provided with moulded grooves set at 90° angles. The moulding process increases the resistance of the glass grooves to wear; the “skin” which the glass attains during moulding gives it maximum smoothness and hardness.
This makes it extremely resistant to the attack of boiler water.

Up to 35 bar saturated steam, reflex glasses provide the optimum solution:
they are corrosion resistant and provide an absolutely clear indication.
Reflex glasses can be used with all media except steam at service conditions
up to 400 bar or temperatures up to 400 °C.

Transparent glasses

KLINGER package units for gauge glasses,
sealing gaskets and cushion gaskets

KLINGER transparent glasses are also manufactured from "extra-hard" borosilicate glass. The surfaces on both sides are finely ground and polished to ensure optimal transparency.

In steam service above 35 bar and with media with a high pH-value.
KLINGER transparent glasses must be protected by a mica shield on the side facing the medium chamber. Transparent glasses should always be chosen for contaminated, viscous or corrosive media. Within the given service limitations they may be used for all media except steam at pressures up to 340 bar or temperatures up to 400.°C.


KLINGER gauge glasses are packed in individual cardboard boxes. In addition to the glass, each package contains a KLINGER sealing gasket and cushion gasket and forms a complete unit ready for installation.

Only KLINGER original parts guarantee a trouble free operation of the gauge glasses. Therefore it is recommended to use only original spare parts for gauge glasses, mica shields, sealing gaskets and cushion gaskets.

We manufacture reflex and transparent glasses in series to the following standards:
OeNORM M 7354 (long gauge glasses)
DIN 7081 (long gauge plate glasses)
JIS B 8211 (Japanese Industrial Standard)
OMV-Spez. H 2009 (OMV-AG, Vienna)
MIL-G-16356 D (US-Navy-Ships)
Esso Eng. Spec. 123 (Esso Research& Engineering Co. – New Jersey)
S..O..D. Spec. 123 (Standard Oil Development Company – New Jersey)
BS 3463 (British Standard Institution).
Quality control
KLINGER reflex and transparent glasses are subject to continuous control during manufacture in order to guarantee exact dimensions, stress conditions, material composition and resistance to bending strain.