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  Fluid Instrumentation
Piston valves - Piston valves KVN KX-GT
Actuators for KVN
Electro mechanical and pneumatic actuators
Electro mechanical actuator
Various designs at request
Pneumatic actuator
The pneumatic actuator is single acting and offers an ON/OFF-function. It is often preferred to the electro mechanical actuator for many reasons.
The actuator closes the valve with spring force (security !) and opens it with air pressure. Safe control media are compressed air and nitrogen at a maximum of 6 bar. Compresssed air supply: R 1/4 , measurement, weight and valve lift at request.
Pneumatic actuators can be applied at ambient temperatures between –.30 °C and +.90 °C. The standard version includes pneumatic diaphragm actuator, end switch, stroke scale and a mechanical valve lifting stop. Special design with hand emergency-switch is available.