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Piston valves - Table of chemical resistance - page 1
All given recommendations are intended to help in selecting suitable materials and valve types. No guarantee can be given since performance and service life of the products depend on a series of factors on which the manufacturer has no influence. Special regulations must be observed. Please contact us in cases of doubt. Solid media listed in the table are to be understood as aqueous solutions or suspensions.
EN-JL1040 Cast iron to EN 1561
EN-JS 1030 Spheroidal cast iron to EN 1563
1.0619 mild cast steel acc. to EN 10213
1.4581 stabilised chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel acc. to EN 10213
Sealing ring materials:
KX GT special sealing based on graphite
TFM-1600 special sealing PTFE-based
Explanation of symbols for metallic materials:
0 = practically resistant, loss in weight less than
2,4 g/m2/day
1 = fairly resistant, loss in weight 2,4–24 g/m2/day
2 = low resistance, loss in weight 24–72 g/m2/day
3 = non-resistant, loss in weight more than 72 g/m2/day
– = not tested or not customary
for sealing materials:
• = suitable
– = not suitable
Bp. = boiling point
satd. sol. = saturated solution
hyd.sol. = hydrous solution
conc. = concentrated