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  Fluid Instrumentation
Water Level Gauges - Tubular Glass Type Level Gauge
AB12 Bronze Klinger Gauge shut off mounts can be fitted with a variety of level gauges with the most common being the tubular gauge glass type.
Tubular gauge glasses are available in 20mm, 16mm, 13mm outside diameter. Fitting of the various sizes of glass tubes is easily effected by simply fitting a gauge glass cone (P/No. 10) of the corresponding size.
Klingerlastic rings can be supplied if required and are recommended for low pressure applications.
For sizing the glass tube length, use vessel centres less 45mm.
Gauge Glass Protectors
Three-pane glass protectors are available in either plate or armoured glass. Additionally, wire rod protectors can be supplied. (Please note: Protectors are non-stick items as vessel centre variations prevent stocking of particular sizes.)
When ordering gauge glass protectors, quote the type of protector required, actual vessel centres, dimensions of stuffing box, tightening nuts and type of Klinger mount. They must suit as no return or refunds are possible.
Alternatives to Glass Tubes and Protectors
Compared to the relatively short service of glass
tubes, the Klinger R100 Reflex Level Gauges can
provide cost effective alternatives to the glass
tube range. For more complete details, a
separate catalogue is available. When using
R100 gauges special graphite rings are recommended.
Reflex Level Gauge type R100 with AB12 Gauge Mounts
Size C.to c. Length of Visible Length of W eight
distance body length glass R100
M min K S G kg
III 330 178 143 165 11.9
IV 335 203 168 190 12.4
V 385 233 198 220 13.3
VI 415 263 228 250 14.3
VII 445 293 258 280 14.6
VIII 485 333 298 320 15.8
IX 505 353 318 340 16.3
Note: Pressure vessel codes may require minimum sight length.