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  Fluid Instrumentation
Water Level Gauges - Commissioning and Maintenance Instructions
AB12 Gauge Mounts
1. With the top and bottom gauge mounts shut, open the drain cock then crack the top mount to allow a small flow of steam to pass through the gauge until it is thoroughly warmed.
2. Close the drain cock, allowing the resulting condensate to gradually fill the gauge.
3. Open the bottom gauge mount fully.
4. During the warming up period the gauge glass seals and joint will settle and it is therefore essential to follow up the Stuffing Box tightening nut (P/No. 11) and packing sleeve tightening nuts. The top and bottom mounts should be in open position during this operation.
Procedure for removing Gauge Glass Tube
1. Isolate gauge from the source of pressure.
2. Relieve gauge of internal pressure.
3. Loosen stuffing box tightening nuts.
4. Remove gauge glass tube cleaning plug
5. Remove gauge tube through the top mount assembly.
To reassemble, reverse the above procedure.
(Please note: It is always advisable to replace the Klingerlastic seals).
Reflex Level Gauges
Service Maintenance
- After the level gauge is first put into service, or after change of glass once the level gauge has reached its normal operating temperature and pressure, carefully compress the glass joints by following up the tightening bolts. Working at opposite sides alternately, starting from the middle. THIS MUST BE REPEATED SEVERAL TIMES WITHIN THE FIRST HOURS, and in case any sign of leaks should appear.
- If perfect sealing cannot be obtained in this way it will be necessary to replace the joints and eventually the glass too.
- Shut off the cocks and remove the level gauge body from the cocks.
- Loosen the tightening bolts and remove all component pieces.
- Clean the sealing and cushion surfaces very carefully, making sure that they are clear of any remnants of joints.
- Smear the threads with a thin layer of anti-seize grease.
- Fit in a new glass with new joints (never re-use joints which have already been in service!)
- Re-assemble all the components in the right sequence. Tighten the bolts thoroughly.
- Never grip the level gauge body in a vice during the reassembling, but put it on a plane surface.
- Never use adhesive or hermetic mastics. Remember that all surfaces must be perfectly clean.
Spare Parts
- When ordering spare parts, please state:
i. type and style of level gauge
ii. item number of the spare part, as shown on the above list
iii. construction material.
- As regards reflex glasses and their joints, please remember that each level gauge is fitted with one reflex glass type “B” (section: 34 x 17mm), the size of which suits the gauge body size.