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  Fluid Instrumentation
Magnetic Level Gauges - Overview
The well proven TC Klinger Magnetic Level Gauge is particularly suitable for duties where dangerous and toxic liquids or gases are involved and where the following features, benefits and options are required :
• Immediate and accurate response to level
changes, giving clear and sharp legibility.
• Continuous indication of liquid level.
• Local and remote display.
• Point switching facilities.
• Robust, shockproof and completely sealed
for safety.
• No leakage to atmosphere.
• Particularly suitable for dangerous or toxic fluids.
• Ideal for liquid interface applications.
• Powerful omni-direction magnet system – guide-free float.
• Display can be rotated through 360° irrespective of float position.
• Automatic float warning.
• High pressure capability – up to 200 bar
• High temperature capability – standard up
to 400oC.
• Standard SG range 0.4 – 2.2
• Unlimited length.
• Top mounted options.
• PTFE/PFA lined, PP, PVDF and uPVC versions.
• Simple to engineer and easy to install.
• Eliminates preventive maintenance.
• An economical alternative to: Conventional level gauges and other level measuring systems.
• Display unit protection IP67.
Design Considerations
Magnetic Level Gauges, depend not only on the integrity of the chamber but also on the float design and the ability to satisfy all design parameters, ie. specific gravity, pressure and temperature, without compromising the magnetic linkage to the display and associated controls. Many competitive systems sacrifice display performance by using smaller and weaker magnet systems to achieve low SG and higher pressures, invariably with detrimental effect. Others use guided and vented floats to achieve the same result, which again can prove limiting and troublesome.
The Advantages Of The System
The system, built on many years experience, has taken all these factors into consideration and designed out these problem areas. This unique system uses a patented ferrite moulded wafer system, which combined with a sealed guide-free float carrying a powerful omni-directional magnet system, provides ultimate performance and reliability, even under the most severe conditions.
The TC Klinger Magnetic gauge is designed so that the
liquid being measured is enclosed within a sealed
A stainless steel, titanium or plastic float fitted with a
permanent omni-directional magnet moves freely inside
the chamber and actuates the magnetic wafers within
the indicator. As the float rises or falls with the liquid
level each wafer rotates 180o and so presents a
contrasting colour. Those wafers above the float show
white, whilst those level and below show red – the
indicator then presents a clearly defined and accurate
level of the liquid in the chamber.
The wafers resist accidental disturbance (e.g. vibration) due to their edge magnetisation and mutual attraction.
To complement the range, the Magnetic Gauge can be supplied with Alarm Switches or Transmitter and Controller to remotely display the liquid level.