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  Fluid Instrumentation
Magnetic Level Gauges - Magnetic Level Gauge TRANSMITTERS
> Two wire 4-20mA current loop.
> Resolution 5mm, 10mm, 20mm Standard.
> Remote display and control.
> Transmits up to 6Km.
> No media contact.
> Simple application.
> Can be retro-fitted.
> Cost effective level measuring system.
> Approved EEx ia IIC T4-T6, EEx d IIC T4-T6.
> Low cost Non Approved version.
> HART®- Protocol (optional).
> PROFIBUS®PA (optional).
The transmitter is attached to the side of the magnetic level gauge chamber
where it senses the position of the float. It can be supplied as an original
equipment package or retro-fitted to an existing magnetic gauge, without interrupting the process.
The transmitter consists of a sensor tube containing a series of reed switches
and resistors and an electronic circuit contained within a connection head,
which can be supplied orientated to suit any gauge configuration or cable arrangement.
As the float rises and falls within the gauge chamber the corresponding reed
switch closes altering the circuit resistance, this resistance is converted into a
4-20mA output signal by the electronic circuit.
The transmitter is approved intrinsically safe to EEx ia IIC T4-T6 when used with approved barriers.
For explosion proof duty approved to EEx d IIC T4-T6.
Supply voltage 10-30Vdc. Polarity protected
Output 4-20mA (profiled optional)
Float warning - Default Signal
Connections via epoxy coated aluminium head mounted junction box with M20 cable entry
Protection IP65
Lengths to suit magnetic level gauge
Stainless Steel headshell option
Body: Austenitic stainless steel to suit customers requirements.
Flanges: Austenitic stainless or carbon steel depending upon application.
Float: Austenitic stainlesssteel, titanium or corrosion resistant plastic.
Display Housing: Aluminium Alloy 6063T6 or Stainless Steel Clad.
RATINGS Process Pressures up to 200 bar (2900 psi).
Saturated Steam pressure up to 110 bar.
Temperatures up to 400oC.
Higher temperatures on application.
Alloy 825, Titanium, Hasteloy, Sanicro
28/Duplex, Monel 400.
Others on request.
Type Approval COV 0312119/TEC
Module B
Certificate of Conformity COV 0312785/01
Module D
II 1/2Gc T2-T6 KEMA 02 ATEX2106X
Note: this approval is not available on
all options, contact design office for