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  Compression Packing
A packing based on graphite enhanced PTFE. Allowing effective, long lasting sealing in both valves and high-speed pumps.
K4322 is only one of the extensive products in the KLINGER pump and valve sealing range. The range
includes compression packings, moulded sets, low emission sets and specialised products.
This is an optimised range introduced to provide users with gland sealing products that meet today’s demanding services, offering effective and trouble-free sealing during application. To achieve this goal we have selected the best materials and the best production methods. The result is the KLINGER pump and valve sealing range.
Ongoing Test & Development in line with the KLINGER service and quality philosophy will ensure improved performance in your pump and valve applications. K4322 packing is manufactured from PTFE filaments, which have been pre-treated with a graphite based lubricant. The Klingerlock braiding process is used.
PTFE is extremely resistant to a wide range of chemicals, therefore K4322 is only affected by a small selection of aggressive media.
It is the graphite treatment which allows the rapid dispersion of heat thus enabling the packing to operate in high speed dynamic applications where pure PTFE packing burn. It is equally effective in valve applications.
Due to its wide service capabilities K4322 packing offers the user a packing material with excellent sealing life and the option of reducing the variety of packing grades that are traditionally held as stock.
K4322 Compression Packing
Service Capabilities
When used in equipment in good mechanical condition and installed using our product guidelines the undernoted values apply:
Minimum operating temperature -2000C
Maximum operating temperature 2600C
Maximum steam temperature 2600C
pH 0-14
Maximum static pressure 250 bar
Maximum rotary pressure 25 bar
Maximum rotary speed 20 m/s
Maximum reciprocating pressure 250 bar
Maximum reciprocating speed 3 m/s
Forms of Supply
Size: 3mm to 25mm
Length: 8 metres per box
Alternative lengths and weights can be offered upon request.
K4322 is suitable for use as a high performance valve & pump packing within many industries, for example:
Petrochemical Plant
Power Stations
Boiler Houses
Pulp & Paper Mills
Chemical Processing