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  Compression Packing
A universal packing, using lubricated polyimide filaments to produce a unique grade able to perform reliably in a wide range of services and equipment. Ideal slurry packing.
K4333 is only one of the extensive products in the KLINGER pump and valve sealing range. The range includes compression packings, moulded sets, low emission sets and specialised products.
This is an optimised range introduced to provide users with gland sealing products that meet today’s demanding services, offering effective and trouble-free sealing during application. To achieve this goal we have selected the best materials and the best production methods.
The result is the KLINGER pump and valve sealing range.
Ongoing Test & Development in line with the KLINGER service and quality philosophy will ensure improved performance in your pump and valve applications. The base yarn of K4333 is composed of synthetic polyimide filaments which have excellent mechanical properties in terms of overall strength and elongation.
It is manufactured by the Klingerlock braiding process, during which we add an additional PTFE based lubricant. This enhances the packing’s performance in dynamic applications.
The polyimide base structure of K4333 ensures the packing has excellent temperature resistance. Normally low gland loads will achieve a satisfactory seal.
Where shaft wear is a problem, K4333 can be employed as a good alternative to aramid , (ie. yellow fibre) , based packings.
In practice it significantly reduces wear rates when compared to many other packing types and is the best performing slurry grade within the range, offering long life.
K4333 Compression Packing
Service Capabilities
When used in equipment in good mechanical condition and installed using our product guidelines the undernoted values apply:
Minimum operating temperature    -800C  
Maximum operating temperature    2600C  
Maximum steam temperature    2600C  
pH    1-12  
Maximum static pressure    200 bar  
Maximum rotary pressure    35 bar  
Maximum rotary speed    15 m/s  
Maximum reciprocating pressure    100 bar  
Maximum reciprocating speed  2 m/s  
Forms of Supply
Size: 3mm to 25mm
Length: 8 metres per box
Alternative lengths and weights can be offered upon request.
K4333 is suitable for use as a general valve and pump packing within many industries, for example:
Pulp & Paper Mills
Cement Plants
Sewerage Treatment
Petrochemical Plants
Chemical Processing
Power Stations