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  Compression Packing
A dense version of braided flexible graphite with the effective placement of high purity carbon/graphite yarns to resist extrusion and aid in bending around tight radii.
Operating Considerations
Marlo Style 396 operates successfully in valves, except knife-gate configurations ( see Marlo Style 333 ). Within
its established temperature / pressure / pH parameters, one needs only to add additional rings to allow for 396’s
ability to fill previous scoring.
Marlo Style 396 has also been successful in rotary applications where flush free, leak free performance has been
desired. May be used with anti-extrusion bullrings ( see Marlo 333 ) for exposed clearances and very high
pressures. Most effective in controlling fugitive emissions.
As with any product designed to operate in critical operations, this product and its installation must be clearly
understood. In addition, the user should have full knowledge of the operating considerations of the equipment in
which it is to be installed.
Service Capabilities
Minimum operating temperature -2000C
Maximum operating temperature 4300C
Maximum steam temperature 6500C
pH 0-14
Maximum static pressure 175 bar
Maximum rotary pressure 35 bar
Maximum rotary speed 22 m/s
Maximum reciprocating pressure 50 bar
Maximum reciprocating speed 2 m/s