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  Compression Packing
A patented core of internally – sprung high temperature, high pressure graphite with helical braided inconel wire Marlo 333, with an over braid of carbon – inserted exfoliated graphite foil, Marlo Style 396-C is the most effectively designed product on the market today for the sealing of fugitive fuel emissions. Marlo Style 396-C meets or exceeds all of the requirements of A.P.I. 589 and 607 tests as well as the A.P.I. fire test for soft-seated quarter-turn valves.
Operating Considerations
Unlike other exfoliated graphite products which offer various other yarn or wire placements to theoretically address extrusion, blow-out prevention, etc., Marlo 396-C utilizes its patented Style 333 core, capable of 5800 PSI alone, to provide a highly sprung internal structure which enables 396-C to conform and re-conform through constant thermal cycling to various stem, bore and clearance conditions in various states of degradation.
Operating Conditions
Temperature: To 3120 deg C Non oxidizing
650 deg C Steam
416 deg C Oxidizing
Pressure: To 5000 PSI ( 345 BAR ). Indicated maximum subject to operating conditions.
 Chemical Resistance: 0 – 14 pH Except for strong oxidizers ( nitric, oleum, etc. )
As with any product designed to operate in critical operations, this product and its installation must be clearly understood. In addition, the user should have full knowledge of the operating considerations of the equipment in which it is to be installed.
Fitting Instructions MARLO 396C Valves
1. Remove all of the old packing right down to the neck bush.
2. Inspect the spindle for corrosion and alignment. If the spindle is badly corroded then replace. Small amounts of corrosion can be accommodated by the MARLO 396C.
3. Determine the size of packing required.
4. Cutting Requirements.
When cutting and installing the packing, ensure that the thinner side is always installed into the stuffing box thus giving a slight clearance on the ID of the box and OD of the spindle. This leads to easy installation.
a) If cutting the packing at a 45 deg angle it is important that the packing be cut on a mandrel as shown below. There is a very specific way to do this to ensure that the ends meet properly. This requirement for care in the cutting of the rings is because the packing is a Braid over Braid construction and the packing can become loose at the ends if cut at 45 deg.
b) If cutting using a Butt joint the rings must always be cut on a mandrel, this is also shown below.
Please ensure that the two ends meet 100 % and that there are no gaps once fitted. This applies no matter which cutting style is used. Always when preparing Butt or Skive cut ( 45 degree ) rings, be sure that the first ring is cut carefully, and then tested on the stem. As the packing section becomes larger please ensure that the packing is sitting correctly for cutting purposes, ie narrow section downwards.
5. Pack the gland in stages and pre compress until filled to the top. Compress the packing 25 to 30 % of its original height . Eg if 100 mm then compress to 75 mm. Add additional rings and repeat the procedure if necessary.
At least 75% of the gland follower neck must protrude out of the stuffing box when packing the valve is complete. This will allow for additional tightening if required, ( should not be necessary if packed properly).
It is our opinion that if the valves are packed as described above, you the customer will experience trouble free sealing of all valves right up to 310 bar at 650 deg C ( 450 deg C in oxidizing applications ).
We also believe that the emission levels that will be achieved will be below 100 ppm. This betters the requirements of the EPA in the U.S. of 500 ppm. Please note that Live Loading ( Belleville washers ), are not required with the Marlo 396C as the patented construction of the Marlo 396C incorporates a Helical coil that acts as a spring during operation.
Thus the packing accommodates cycling and compression / relaxation.
It is our opinion that the Marlo 396C has no equal in its class in meeting the requirements to reduce Fugitive Fuel Emissions in valves.