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  Compression Packing
MARLO Pack-RYT Installation Instructions For Pumps
Remove all old packing including lantern ring and thoroughly clean the shaft and stuffing box. Be sure no solids are present in the sealing area. Disconnect any discharge flush lines and plug the hole, leaving only the “in” line, so all flush goes only towards the bearing and the packing.
Split the bearing and reassemble over the shaft making sure the extraction holes are facing outwards as the bearing slides in. If the bearing will not pilot, use a Porta-Power or other device to centre the shaft and the let it relax once all parts have been installed. If significant bore corrosion prevents installation, lightly and evenly sand the OD with crocus cloth. Make sure the bearing is fully seated in the bottom of the box. Taking depth measurements before installation will help confirm this.
Install each packing ring individually, staggering the joints. If the set contains Marlo 396 or Marlo 396C, bring the gland follower to the packing and tighten the gland bolts HARD. CRUSH THE PACKING! Then back off the nuts and let the packing relax for a few minutes. Bring the nuts back up to the follower finger tight and the pump is ready to run.
If the packing is portion is either all Marlo 317 or Marlo 7413, tamp each ring firmly during installation and tighten the follower nuts finger tight. If you are using the BLR configuration (with a lantern ring groove) turn the water on full force.
Make the packing adjustments no more than 2 flats on all nuts at a time. Wait a few minutes between adjustments.