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  Index and cross references
Competitive Part Number Cross Reference & Index - Aeroquip - page 1
Competitor part# Description
1AAFJ SAE 100R1/100R2 AT Female 37 Swivel Connector
1AA-MP-C SAE 100R1/100R2 AT Male Pipe Connector
1290C Nut
190264-C SAE 100R2 A Female 37° Swivel Elbow
190600 SAE 100R14 (Teflon) X 37° Female Swivel
190627 SAE 100R14 (Teflon) X Male Pipe
2020C Union Cross
2021C Male Connector
202142 Weld/Braze Adapter for Male Pipe Stub
202205 Weld/braze Adapter For Tube-deeper Socket
202232 Weld Adapter for Pipe Socket
202240 Braze Adapter for Tube Socket
202242 Braze Adapter for Pipe Socket
2022C Female Connector
2023C 45° Male Elbow
202411C Long Male Elbow
202413C Extra Long Male Elbow
2024C Male Elbow
2025C Female Elbow
2027C Union
202702C Straight Thread Connector
202712C Large Hex Union
20271-3C Long Straight Thread Connector
2028C Male Run Tee
2029C Female Run Tee
2030C Male Branch Tee
203002C Bulkhead Branch Tee
203003C Straight Thread Branch Tee
203005C Straight Thread Run Tee
2031C Female Branch Tee
203101C Swivel Nut Branch Tee
203102C Swivel Nut Run Tee
2033C Union Tee
2039C Union Elbow
2040 Reducing Adapter
2041C Bulkhead Union
2042C 45° Bulkhead Union Elbow
2045 Male Connector
2046 Female Connector
2047 Male Elbow
2048 Female Elbow
2049 45° Male Elbow
2061C 45° Straight Thread Elbow
2062C Straight Thread Elbow
2066 Straight Thread Connector
2067 45° Straight Thread Elbow
2068 Straight Thread Elbow
206801 Female Pipe x Thread Elbow
2070C 45° Swivel Nut Elbow
2071C Swivel Nut Elbow (tube x nut)
2080 Female Cross
2081 Bushing
2082 Hex Head Plug
2083 Hex Nipple
2084 Hex Long Nipple
2085 Male Elbow
2087 Female Elbow