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  Index and cross references
Competitive Part Number Cross Reference & Index - CPV Manufacturing
Competitor part# Description
57 Reducing Insert
100 Tube to Pipe Socket Coupling
48R Tube Socket Tail Piece
48T Tube Socket Threaded Piece
50N Union Nut
51R Pipe Socket Weld Tail Piece
51T Pipe Socket Weld Threaded Piece
52R Braze Groove Tail Piece
52T Braze Groove Threaded Piece
53R Female Pipe Tail Piece
53T Female Pipe Threaded Piece
54R Male Pipe Tail Piece
54T Male Pipe Threaded Piece
59R Male Straight Thread Tail Piece
59T Male Straight Thread Threaded Piece
62R Male Pipe Weld Tail Piece
62T Male Pipe Weld Threaded Piece
63R Male Standpipe Tail Piece
63T Male Standpipe Threaded Piece
64R Female Straight Thread Tail Piece
64T Female Straight Thread Threaded Piece
H804R Blank Tail Piece
H804T Blank Body
H805 Straight Thread Plug
H809 Cross
H810 Tee
H811 Male Pipe Branch Tee
H812 Male Pipe Run Tee
H813 Female Pipe Branch Tee
H814 Female Pipe Run Tee
H815 Male Straight Thread Branch Tee
H816 Male Straight Thread Run Tee
H819 Cross
H820 Elbow
H821 Male Pipe Elbow
H822 Female Pipe Elbow
H823 Straight Thread Elbow
H830 Tee
H840 Elbow
H847 Union
H849 Union
H849R Tail Piece Sleeve
H850N Nut
H853 Female Pipe Connector
H854T Male Pipe Connector
H859 Straight Thread Male Connector
H863R Male Tube Tail Piece
H864 Straight Thread Female Connector
H865 Male Adapter
H866 Reducing Insert
H890 Bulkhead Union