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  Index and cross references
Specification Cross Reference & Index - MS Part Numbers - page 1
MS# Description
MS51500 Male Connector
MS51501 Union
MS51501 Reducing Union
MS51503 Female Connector
MS51504* Male Elbow
MS51505 Union Elbow
MS51506 Female Elbow
MS51507* Bulkhead Union Elbow
MS51508* 45° Male Elbow
MS51509* 45° Bulkhead Union Elbow
MS51510 Union Tee
MS51511* Male Run Tee
MS51512* Male Branch Tee
MS51513 Female Branch Tee
MS51514 Female Run Tee
MS51515 Bulkhead Branch Tee
MS51516 Bulkhead Run Tee
MS51517 Union Cross
MS51518 Plug
MS51519 Large Hex Union
MS51519 Large Hex Reducing Union
MS51520 Bulkhead Union
MS51521* Swivel Nut Elbow (tube x nut)
MS51522 45° Swivel Nut Elbow
MS51523* Swivel Nut Run Tee
MS51524* Swivel Nut Branch Tee
MS51525 Straight Thread Connector
MS51526 Long Straight Thread Connector
MS51527* Straight Thread Elbow
MS51528 45° Straight Thread Elbow
MS51529* Straight Thread Branch Tee
MS51530* Straight Thread Run Tee
MS51531 Nut
MS51532* Cap (2-piece)