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  Index and cross references
Part Number Index - page 7
Straight Thread Female Connector
Male Straight Thread Branch Tee
Straight Thread Male Connector
Straight Thread Elbow
Male Straight Thread Run Tee
Male Pipe Elbow
Male Tube Tail Piece
Face Seal O-Ring
Tail Piece Sleeve
Male Connector
Female Connector
Female Elbow
Straight Thread Connector
Straight Thread Elbow
45° Straight Thread Elbow
Male Elbow
45° Male Elbow
Female Pipe Run Tee
Male Pipe Run Tee
Female Pipe Branch Tee
Male Pipe Branch Tee
Face Seal O-Ring
Tube to Pipe Socket Coupling
Tube Socket Tail Piece
Tube Socket Threaded Piece
Union Nut
Pipe Socket Weld Tail Piece
Pipe Socket Weld Threaded Piece
Braze Groove Tail Piece
Braze Groove Threaded Piece
Female Pipe Tail Piece
Female Pipe Threaded Piece
Male Pipe Tail Piece
Male Pipe Threaded Piece