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  Pipe fittings
Overview - Straight
An o-ring on the shoulder of the male half of the connector seats against a metal sealing surface on the female port. Sealing is achieved and maintained by o-ring compression resulting from the clamping force generated by the tightening action. The straight threads do not seal; they provide the resistance (holding
power) for service pressure.
Straight thread adapters fall into two general groups: adjustable and non-adjustable. Adjustable fittings, such as elbows and tees, allow the user to orient the shape in the direction desired before tightening to assemble. A non-adjustable fitting, such as a plug or connector simply screw into a port and no adjustment is
Suggested Applications
Fittings that use o-rings for leak-tight connections continue to gain popularity in new hydraulic system design. The rubberon-
metal seating does not distort any metal parts and does provide a tangible “feel” when the connection is tight. This method of sealing also allows virtually unlimited disassemblies and reassemblies, though the o-ring should always be replaced as a precaution. When using o-rings, be certain that the compound used is compatible with system and environmental media.
Feature Threaded-straight
Pressures High to 6,000 psi
Temperatures Nitrile/Buna: -30° to 250°F Viton: -15° to 400°F
Vibration Resistance Very Good
Materials SS 316/SS 316L stainless
Size Available (nominal) #4 - #32
Seal Reliability Excellent in static systems; Very good in dynamic systems Medium tolerance to thread & taper angle imperfections
Thread & Port General lubricant applied to threads
Ease of Assembly Very high Intuitive make-up Simple process
Ease of Maintenance Very good. Virtually unlimited breaks & remakes. O-ring replacement only
Specification SAE 1926, ISO 11926
Conformance UN/UNF/UNEF: ANSI B1.1, ISO 263
(stud end design & threads) BSPP: ISO 228/1, BS 2779, DIN 259, JIS B0202