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Overview - Pipe Swivel (NPSM)
Pipe Swivels are female adapters featuring a nut with a straight thread captured on a 30º cone tapered gland. A seal occurs between the taper in the male fitting and the 30º cone tapered gland. Pipe Swivels are for use with male tapered pipe thread hose fittings with a 30° seat. Pipe Swivels do not seal on the thread like most pipe threads, they seal on the nose of the swivel and the seat of the male tapered pipe thread. This creates a metal to metal seal.
Suggested Applications
Pipe Swivels are recommended for use as an adapter to hose assemblies with male pipe thread ends only. Other methods of connecting tubing, pipe, or joining components should be utilized in system design.
Feature Pipe swivel
Pressures High to 6,000 psi
Temperature Stainless: -425° to 1200°F
Vibration Resistance Medium
Materials Available SS 316/SS 316L stainless
Size Available (nominal) #4 - #32
Seal Reliability Good in static & dynamic systems. Low tolerance to damage along sealing angles. Medium tolerance to thread imperfections.
Thread & PortPreparation General lubricant applied to threads
Ease of Assembly Medium. Flats from Finger-Tight method utilized.
Ease of Maintenance Good. Low metal deformation to create sealmeans moderately high repeatability
Specification SAE J514
Conformance ANSI B1.20.1
(design & thread)