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Manual Preset Dies
For SAE Flareless tube fittings.
The manual preset dies provide a fast and easy way to manually pre-set the ferrule onto the tube. The tool body is manufactured from hardened steel for withstanding repeated presets. A separate tool is required for each size tube. To use lubricate threads on tool, threads on nut as well as tail and lead ends of ferrule with a suitable lubricant. Insert tube end with ferrule into tool until it bottoms against shoulder and thread the nut down until finger tight. Light wrenching may be required to get to a consistent starting position, especially with larger sizes. Hold tube steady against internal shoulder and tighten nut 1-3/4 turns. Loosen nut and inspect bite using inspection criteria outlined for SAE Flareless tube fittings.
Male Nut
Fractional Tube O.D. Part No.
1/8" V-MPDM2
1/4" V-MPDM4
3/8" V-MPDM6
1/2" V-MPDM8
3/4" V-MPDM12
1" V-MPDM16