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Flare Pin and Vice Block
These 37° flaring tools are for use with copper, aluminum alloy, and thin wall steel or stainless steel. Separate tooling set for each tube from 1/4" O.D. through 1"O.D. Maximum wall thickness: 1/8" to 3/8" is 15% of tube O.D., 1/2" and larger is 10% of tube O.D.
How to Use
Clamp tube flush in matching halves of block in a bench vise. Give hardened steel
flaring pin a few sharp blows with a hammer to form the flare.
Tube O.D. Part Number
1/4" V-FPVB4
3/8" V-FPVB6
1/2" V-FPVB8
3/4" V-FPVB12
1" V-FPVB16
To order vice black and pin set use part numbers above. To order block or pin separately add either “pin” or “block” as a suffix to part number.