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SAE 37° Flared
The SAE 37° Flared tube fitting system (aka. “JIC”) consists of three components to make a tubing assembly: body, nut, and sleeve.
The SAE flared tube fitting relies on metal-to-metal contact between the finished surface of the fitting nose and the inside diameter of the flared tubing to make a seal. takes great care in the manufaturing process to produce a flared nose
surface that far exceeds published specifications. This high finish reduces the likelihood of leakage due to irregularities in the flared tubing.
As the fitting nose and flared tubing are drawn together, they are supported by the fitting sleeve, which distributes the compressing load caused by the nut as it is threaded onto the fitting body during assembly.
SAE flared tube fittings are available for inch and metric tubing. Metric assemblies are constructed with standard inch bodies,
and special nuts and sleeves designed for metric tubing. Stainless steel SAE flared tube fitting are manufactured from Type SS 316/SS 316L stainless steel. Brass SAE flared tube fittings are manufactured from CA377 forging brass, and CA360 & CA345
machining brass. Monel SAE flared tube fittings are manufactured from the 405 grade of this copper-nickel alloy.
sleeve protrudes out the back of the nut. This extension provides the tubing with additional support and lessens the longitudinal load on the fitting nose.
Suggested Applications
The SAE flared tube fitting is the most popular configuration of hydraulic fluid connector in North America. While the SAE system is often used for joining tubing in a hydraulic system, it is frequently also used on flexible plumbing systems (hose) as an end adapter for female SAE swivels, which is the most common – and affordable – end connection on hydraulic hose assemblies.
Until recently, the SAE flared tube fitting had a corresponding military specification, MIL-F-18866 which has now been
superceded by SAE J514, but many ordinance system designs and designers still favor the SAE fitting out of convention and
customer preference.
Characteristic SAE 37° Flared Tube Fitting Performance
Pressure Medium to High; to 7,700 psi
Temperature Stainless: -425° to 1200°F Brass: -40° to 400°F
Monel: -65° to 800°F
Vibration Resistance Good
Materials Available TSS 316/SS 316L stainless steel M405 Monel
CA377/CA360/CA345 brass
Size Available (nominal) 1/8” – 2” 6mm – 38mm
Tube & Pipe Compatibility Seamless or welded and drawn over a mandrel Inch or metric
Thin to medium thickness
Seal Reliability Good Metal-to-metal seal
Low tolerance to minor surface imperfections and damage Low tolerance to assembly variation