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  Tube fittings
An enhanced version of the standard SAE 37° Flared tube fitting, UltraFlare features a Teflon seal in the flared fitting nose cone. The seal is extruded of virgin Teflon and
machined to create an interference fit in the groove, or trepan, in the fitting nose. This trepan is machined parallel to the fitting centerline to eliminate the risk of twisting the Teflon seal out of its seat during assembly. In most other respects, the UltraFlare resembles the SAE flared tube fitting (see "SAE 37° Flared Tube Fittings/Appearance" for additional details).
Type SS 316/SS 316L stainless steel is the standard material on all bodies, nuts and sleeves. PTFE/Teflon is the standard seal material.
Suggested Applications
The UltraFlare is an extremely good choice in many cases for both new system design, and replacement of existing SAE flared
tube fittings. For new system design, the UltraFlare offers a superior alternative to a standard SAE Flared fitting through its
improved resistance to vibration and sealing reliability. The UltraFlare is also more forgiving of assembly irregularities in the
shop or field, such as underflared tubing or under-torqued makeups.
The UltraFlare uses standard SAE nuts & sleeves, and can be assembled following normal procedures and techniques for SAE
flared tube fittings. As such, for companies with an investment in tube flaring equipment and training, the UltraFlare represents a superior performing fitting system without the need for new capital equipment or technician training.
In the field, or for system maintenance, UltraFlare tube fittings can be substituted for a standard SAE flared fitting for enhanced protection against leakage due to normal system vibration.
Characteristic UltraFlare 37° Flared Tube Fitting
Pressures To 9,600 psi
Temperature PTFE/Teflon: -100° to 450°F
Vibration Resistance Very good
Materials Available TSS 316/SS 316L stainless steel
Size Available (tub- ¼" – 2"
ing OD) 6mm – 25mm
Tube Compatibility Seamless or welded and drawn over a mandrel Inch or metric
Thin to medium thickness
Seal Reliability Very good PTFE seal reinforces metal-to-metal seal
High tolerance to surface imperfections High tolerance to assembly variation like under-flar-ing or torquing