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Features of SUPERLOK Tube Fittings
SUPERLOK Tube Fitting is produced by a strict material management, a high precision design and the best processing technology.
SUPERLOK Tube Fitting secures the leakage prevention and sufficient tightness with less forces in all the tubing connections and reduces the cost and potential leakage risk in a course of tubing assembly and process.
SUPERLOK Tube Fitting is tightened softly in linking and is leakage free entirely under shock, impact and high tension. Therefore, it can contribute for productivity improvement and cost reduction to SUPERLOK Tube Fitting users because It's the best product whose flow of fluid is very smooth caused by Fitting's excellent inner surface condition.
SUPERLOK can be assembled easily without any other special tool but the use of low quality tubing may deteriorate Fitting's function.
Structure of SUPERLOK
The whole system design should be considered so that there is no problem to secure reliable safety.
SUPERLOK is consists of 4 precision parts and all parts are being manufactured through a very strict tolerance superintendence under systematic and constant quality control. All parts that are being made by this process can cope with the inferior enviromental conditions and various customer's needs.
Quality and Process Control
BMT's SUPERLOK Tube Fitting & Valve are produced as the product of best quality through a statistical process control and a strict quality control (various test and the self-examination included) and the written systematic quality control assurance.
Warranty of Quality and Exchange
BMT warrants that SUPERLOK Tube Fitting is being manufactured without defect in raw materials and manufacturing process, with the guarantee of its construction and workmanship of enough quality control and process control according to the specifications. However, the defect owing to user's recklessness, an unreasonable assembling method and operation and the operation disregarding manufacturer's indications can not be compensated.
In case that leakage happens by the defect on SUPERLOK Tube Fitting in spite of normal operation, all the defected fittings shall be exchanged immediately. SUPERLOK acknowledges this leaflet is regarded as warranty and does not publish separate warranty as long as special requirement issues are not required.