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SUPERLOK® Tube fittings > Installation instruction

SUPERLOK Installation Instruction
1. Installation under 1 inch or 25MM

SUPERLOK Tube Fitting shall be delivered to customer with completely assembled state, so be ready to immediate use only with finger-tightening. Disassembling the product prior to use can be a cause of leakage or a cause of inflow something into the fitting's inside. Do not use for the poor quality tubes, which can be a cause of leakage or functional deterioration. SUPERLOK Tube Fittings are installed in three easy steps:

Step 1
Insert the tubing into SUPERLOK Tube Fitting's inside. At this moment, make sure that the tubing is completely contact with the shoulder of fittings and then finger-tighten the nut.
Step 2
Before tightening the SUPERLOK nut, mark the starting point of turning at the 6 o'clock position.
Step 3
Hold the fitting body safely with a backup wrench and
tighten the nut 1-1/4 turns. (pay attention to the mark of
starting point of turning, make one revolution and place at
9 o'clock position. Marking the starting point of turning at
the 6 o'clock position will let you notice where the starting
point is).
After 1-1/4 revolution, when the starting point is placed at
9 o'clock position, you can easily confirm and see that
SUPERLOK Tube Fitting is installed accurately. After 1-1/4 revolution of the SUPERLOK nut by fingertightening, make sure whether it is sufficiently tightened using by the Gap Inspection Gage.
2. Installation at the high pressure or the high safety systems
Since there are various variations of tubing, unifying the starting point of the fitting is desirable. The starting point is determined by that when tighten the nut by using a wrench until the tubing shall not be turn freely in the fitting. At this point, make the 1-1/4 revolution and tighten the nut. (If tube rotation is not possible, tighten the nut approximately 1/8 turn from the finger-tight position)
Safety Considerations on Installations for High Pressure System
(Apply to the installation of general system)
1. Make sure whether the thickness and material of tubing is proper to applicable usage. The material of tubing is compatible with the material of fitting and the hardness of tubing shall be less than that of fitting.
2. Do not assemble or disassemble the fitting when the pressure is hold at the system.
3. Since straightly assembled tubing to a pair of fixed fitting cannot be completely contacted with the both sides of fittings' shoulder, there shall be a leakage risk caused by deformation from high temperature and high pressure.
4. Do not turn the fitting body.
3. Re-tightening Instruction
1. Shown the disconnected position of fittings.
2. When inserting the tubing with preswaged ferrule into
the fitting body, the front ferrule shall be seated in the
fitting body.
3. Finger-tighten the nut and revolve the nut to the original
position with a wrench. At the original position, the
resistance increases. At the point, the job will be done
by tightening slightly more.