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HY-LOK Tube fittings for DIN 2353 > Weld Fittings > DAKR Reducing Welding Nipple with * 0-Ring

  DAKR Reducing Welding Nipple with * 0-Ring
Installation Instruction for Welding Nipple Fittings
Step 1. Pipe to be cut at right angle by sawing and freed from burrs both inside and outside.
Step 2. Slide nut onto the weld nipple.
Step 3. Welding nipple and tube to be welded together and weld to be cleaned between runs. The tube
and welding nipple must be aligned.
Step 4. Fit the 0-Ring : Attention, do not twist 0-Ring : taper, nut and cone must be clean
Step 5, Thread on body and nut to be oiled.
Step 6. Screw on nut by hand. Fully tighten using a spanner with a 1/3 turn.