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HY-LOK Tube fittings for DIN 2353 > Stud Ends & Tapped Hole Forms for tube Fittings

  Stud Ends & Tapped Hole Forms for tube Fittings
this standard specifies dimensions for stud ends and tapped holes with metric fine pitch thread and pipe thread for use with compression fittings, valves and screw plugs, general outlay of types.
* ED-Ring & O-Ring Seals made of NBR Standard(-20°C to 90°C)
Available made of Viton Upon Request (-20°C to 200°C)
Forms of tapped holes
Form X (DIN 3852 Part 1+2) for parallel Stud Ends (Form A.B) *d7 is for Stud Ends Form E Form W (DIN 3852 Part 3) for stud Ends with O-Ring. (Forms F) Form Z (DIN 3852 Part 1+2) for tapered thread Stud Ends.
Tightening torques for studs
- Recommend tightening torques MA
the table below showns the Nm value for studs with metal seal, form B, DIN 3852 or with captive sealing (ED-Ring) to avoid leakings.
- Sealing of taper thread
Taper threads are not self-sealing. To achieve a leakproof seals, an additional sealant is necessary.
A well-established sealing-medium is a PTFE-tape (e.g.Teflon)
- Note :
The quoted figures relate to fittings out of steel (galvanizes) and to counter parts made of steel.
( ) * These figured relate to studs with captive sealingED-Ring. For the Male/Female adapters(MFAS/MFAE), there apply the tightening torques for series "S".