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Stainless Steel Annular Convoluted Hose. A close pitch hose with a high degree of flexibility suitable for most applications and normally supplied.

Single or double layers of Stainless Steel braid prevent elongation of the convoluted hose and increase the working pressures that the hose can accomodate.

Please note: pressure for 200mm (8ins) and 250mm (10ins) are based on the use of Braided Braid.

Working pressure
Working pressures are quoted for fluid temperatures at 20°C. Higher fluid temperatures will result in lower working pressure. These modified working pressures can be calculated using the TEMPERATURE CORRECTION CHART.

Test pressure
To avoid distortion of the convoluted form of the hose, the maximum test pressures quoted in this page must not be exceeded. All hoses are subjected to a test of one-and-a-half times the customer's stated working pressure, provided that this does not exceed the stated maximum test pressure. If a working pressure is not stated, then Standard Test Procedures will apply.

Hose and braid materials
B & C Flex hose are normally supplied in Stainless Steel Grade 321 S31 (Werkstoff Nr:1.4541). Braid is normally supplied in Grade 304L (Werkstoff Nr:1.4306). Available for specific applications are Hose and Braid in Grade 316L (Werkstoff Nr:1.4404).