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  Installation and Safety

In order to obtain long lofe and satisfactory service from stainless steel hose it shiuld be installed in the correct manner. The main cause of failure is fatigue in the convolutions and in order to minimise this the hose should be installed as shown below. It should be remembered that all flexible hoses have a limited life and when they are used in applications where dangerous chemicals or hot or inflammable fluids are passing through them, they should be examined and re-tested at regular intervals. Many of our customers have found it advantageous, by means of planned maintenance, to replace hoses at regular intervals where used in arduous conditions.

Avoid overbending

Stainless steel hose should not bend to a radius smaller than recommended in the specifications, or fatigue and premature failure can occur. Avoid sharp bends near fittings.

Do not torque

Torque or twisting is damaging to stainless steel hose. To avoid this condition use either a union or swivel flange at one end in place of a rigid connection. Always install hose so that movement originates in the same plane as centre line. When the hose is installed twisted this will lead to premature hose failure.

Avoid compression & tension
Hose life will be reduced if hose is installed compressed or under tension.

Avoid rubbing
Hose life will be considerably reduced should the hose be installed in a position where it is allowes to rub against metallic or other objects.

Never overpressure
Hoses must not be used above the safe working pressure. Account must always be taken of the operating temperatures, as safe working pressures are for ambient temperature only - consult our literature of details.

Damaged hoses
Any hose showing any signs of damage or any signs of leaking must be replaced immediately.

Always consult our Technical Department before using hoses with corrosive chemicals.

If in doubt
If in doubt as to whether a stainless steel hose is suitable for an application, please consult our Technical Department. The technical statements and engineering data in this web site are based on our experience and knowledge using the best information available at the date of published. However, due to new technology and changes in industry this information is subject to change without notice at any time. Since does not control or supervise any additional fabrication, installation or use of their products, they cannot assume responsibility for subsequent performance.

Conditions of sale
All products are sold subject to conditions of sale. Copies are available on request.