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Applications :  Joints for Removal Air Tool
Impact Wrench, Air Driver, Spray Gun, Nail Gun
Fluid : Air
Product Name:
Specialized fitting-RAKURAKU JOINT
Raku Raku Joint

[One Touch Connection]
One touch connection joint for the polyurethane hoses.
[Rotary Method, No Twisting]
Rotary method which is easy for wrist.. It prevents twisting; therefore, drawing and winding are smooth.
[Anti-folding Spring]
The plastic spring prevents folding.
[Repulsion Reduction, Safety]
On separation, release the residual pressure gradually to reduce repulsion (Purge Plug only).

* Specifications
Item Appearance Code Working
Suitable hose Size Pcs / a box
Lock-type Socket Nut with Protector
B-7RSNL 0-1.5
6.3-7×10-10.2 5
B-9RSNL 8.3-8.5×12.5
Air purge type Plug Nut with Protector
B-7RPNP 6.3-7×10-10.2 5
B-9RPNP 8.3-8.5×12.5
Middle connector
B-7U 6.3-7×10-10.2 5
B-8U 8.3-8.5×12.5
*Air Purge type: Gradually release residual pressure in the hose at joint separation to minimize hose recoil.
* Compatible with “High Coupler” products from NITTO KOHKI. Note: Designed for use with air only. Do not use with other substances.