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Widely used by municipal fire brigades, petrochemical industry, navies, mining and other services in many countries. It is specially manufactured to meet a wide variety of specifiactions (UL, FM, AFNOR, RINA, DIN, etc).
Highly Protected.
The special compound of the rubber cover and its profile protects the hose from damage by abrasion, puncture or impact. See abrasion graph.
Chemical Resistance. Manufactured to resist contact with a wide range of chemical products: oil, hydrocarbons, acids, alkalis, sal water, etc. See chemical resistance table.
Weather Resistance. Outstanding performance at extreme temperatures (-20 0000 C + 50 000 C). Protected against ozone, ultraviolet and atmosperic weathering (Under request Arctic -40 000 C type is available). Strong. High longitudinal tensile strength (see characteristics table). stands the passage of heavy vehicles. Very resistant to cuts and punctures. Resists continual flexing throughout its service life conserving its original built-in strength.
Easily CLeaned. A quick wipe down is sufficient to keep await dirt and grit. If necessary it can be jet washed with detergent to remove chemicals etc. No Drying. No need to dry the hose. Mildew, rotproof and waterproof. Water absorption is negligible. Just clean and coil and the hose is ready for service again.
Easy Repair.Easily repaired when damaged by cuts or pucnture. Our REPOKIT is quick and simple to use. See our instructions depliant.