Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Hydraulic Hose offers a wide variety of hoses including braided, spiral, multi-purpose, transportation, refrigerant, LP-Gas and more. Our product line has been tested and approved to meet and exceed global standards. Hose range in size from 3/16” to 3” I.D. and are compatible with crimp and field-attachable style fittings.

Hydraulic Hose Working Pressure should have a working pressure rating meeting or exceeding the maximum operating pressure of the system.

Minimum Bend Radius is the smallest arc that the hose can be bent before its life is greatly reduced. Exceeding the bend radius can cause kinking, inner tube washout, and excessive stress on reinforcement.

Hose Outer Diameter is a critical measurement when considering hose clamps and applications where envelope size is limited.

Hose Inner Diameter is measured in 1/16 inch increments identified by use of “dash” (-) numbering system i.e.. 4/16” = ¼” = 4.

Dash Size designates the nominal size in 16ths of an inch. This number immediately follows the part number and is separated from it a dash. All other fittings are followed by a dash number with is the nominal size of the fitting expressed in 16ths of an inch. Where two dash numbers are given, the first one generally indicates the pipe or port size and the second indicates the tube or hose size. The hose dash number should always be the same as the last dash number on the fitting.

Material Designations most fitting have a material designations as part of the part number, i.e.. Brass (B), Stainless Steel (SS/C), Aluminum Alloy (A/D) and Steel (S).

Mixing/Matching our fitting tolerance are engineered to match our hose tolerances. The use of our fitting on hose supplied by other manufacturers and/or the use of our hose with fittings supplied by other manufacturers brands may result in the production of unreliable and unsafe hose assemblies and is neither recommended nor authorized by our company.

Crimp Socket to Hose correct combinations use the correct hoses may be fund and dash sizes matched, to assure the correct combination. Through-the cover fitting sockets for one wire and two wire braid hose in all sizes, have one wire braid hose with one ring on the socket and one for two wire braid hose with two rings on the socket, cover fitting sockets for four spiral hose have four rings plus a scribe mark and stamped on the socket.

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